Canadian-funded Quebec NGO Subverts Democracy in Haiti

What does it mean to call for a government of national reconciliation? From the point of view of Haiti’s poor majority, it effectively means abandoning democracy.


The Philippines: Who’s to Blame for the Country’s Woes?

This seems to be a bad week for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who celebrated her 59th birthday April 5 as criticisms against her and her administration are mounting.


Nepal: Left Calls for End to Repression, Talks

With several protesters killed, hundreds wounded, and thousands jailed, opposition political parties in Nepal have extended a recently called general strike indefinitely.

Japan: We want to see birds fly in, not U.S. military planes- Ginoza Village Assembly chairperson

U.S. Camp Hansen and Camp Schwab occupy 51 percent of the land area of Ginoza Village... We don't want the sky over the village to be occupied by the U.S. military.


Coca-Cola: ‘Undrinkable, Unthinkable’

Cola-Cola claims to be committed to ‘protecting and preserving the environment’. However, in India Coca-Cola has been accused of creating severe water shortages, polluting the soil and groundwater, distributing toxic waste as fertilizer to farmers and selling sub-standard drinks...

The Beatification of Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

The recent statement made by the US Homeland Security Department is not a goodwill gesture, but an additional component of a twisted political campaign meant to obstruct justice and give protection to a faithful servant of imperialist interests.

UZBEKISTAN: Living without news

The lack of news and reliable information in Uzbekistan has worsened since the uprising in Andijan in May 2005, when authorities reacted to a demonstration in the eastern city by opening fire and killing hundreds of unarmed civilians.

Who, or What, Will Stop Bush’s Military Attack on Iran?

The US has deliberately tried to marginalize the International Atomic Agency because of its findings that Iran was in “substantial compliance.”

BOOK ROUND UP #16: The Disposable American & Kabul In Winter

Most alarming are the author's [Ann Jones, Kabul in Winter] observations on the status of women in the country[Afghanistan]. They seem to be considered as subhuman by the men!

NEPAL: Millions of lives affected by daily curfews

Political activists claim that the government wants to repress the democratic rallies held in protest of the authoritarian rule of the monarch...King Gyanendra seized absolute rule over the country on 1 February 2005

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