Statement of FELIPE PÉREZ ROQUE to the UN

Every year at the United Nations we go through the same ritual. We attend the general debate knowing beforehand that the clamor for justice and peace by our underdeveloped countries will be ignored once again. However, we persist. We know that we are right. We know that one day we will accomplish social justice and development.

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Bush, Iraq, and Demonstration Elections

Ever since 9/11, the Bush administration has been treating us to a series of equally farcical 'elections' with minimal or no comment from the same sources. The matter has now come to what should be a crisis point over plans to engineer the upcoming U.N. Security Council-mandated elections in Iraq.

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Slavoj Zizek and Perverse Christianity

In a recent book, The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek puts forth the view that Marxists can no longer make a frontal attack on the institutions of imperialism, thus a feint under the cover of Christianity is necessary.

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Book Review – Bush on the Couch, by Justin Frank

Jim Hightower, the populist Texan author and politico, has often said that he has drawn one conclusion while crisscrossing America seeking to expose the George W Bush cabal—THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS! Justin Frank, MD, a Washington- based practicing psychiatrist and colleague, has put George W on his proverbial couch and proven it.

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Chinese president calls for developing socialist democracy

China has managed to establish its socialist political system that adapts to its actual conditions during its long-term experience. The core of China's political system consists of the people's congress system, the CPC-led multi-party cooperation and political consultation system, and the system of regional autonomy for ethnic minority groups.

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NBA's Etan Thomas: 'I am Totally Against This War'

Howard Cosell once said, 'Rule Number One of the 'Jockocracy' is that pro-athletes and politics should never mix.' But in these times of war and resistance, a new wave of sports stars are demanding to be heard. In Major League Baseball, Blue Jays slugger Carlos Delgado has come out against the occupation of Iraq. At the Olympics, the Iraqi Soccer Team publicly refused to be a symbol for a war they opposed.

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