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Remembering the Jewish Resistance

The history of Jewish resistance to the Nazis during the holocaust has been too often neglected or forgotten.

Black lives matter! The struggle against police murders, brutality and abuse

"So stop the slaughter and end the repression. Let's make this a better nation and world."

Cornel West endorses Bernie Sanders

Professor Cornel West's endorsement of the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders is a powerful and reasoned statement.


  • W.E. B. Dubois on the Negro and Socialism, 1960 by Norman Markowitz

    In preparing for a class, I came across a remarkable audio tape, a presentation by W.E. B. Dubois on the question of "The Negro and Socialism"  at Madison Wisconsin in 1960.  Dubois had been a central figure in African American history and  one of the most influential American  activist intellectuals on the world scene for much of the first half of the 20th century,  A principal founder of the NAACP in 1909, and the editor of its journal, The Crisis, for a generation, Dubois had fought against racism and imperialism in his long life.  His identification with national liberation struggles and with socialism after WWII made him, along with his younger friend and comrade in arms, Paul Robeson, a major victim of the postwar repression which still goes by the name of McCarthyism in the U.S. But let me let Dubois who speaks with far greater eloquence and clarity than I, speak for himself here.

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  • Afghan Hospital War Crime: Its Meaning by Thomas Riggins


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  • Ethel Rosenberg(1915-1953) would be One Hundred Today by Norman Markowitz


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  • Bernie Sanders on Pope Francic Remarkable Address to Congress by Norman Markowitz


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  • Great Gains for the Rich -- by Thomas Riggins

    According to the Economic Policy Institute, as reported by the Debs Foundation Newsletter (Fall 2015), the following figures represent  the real increase in income of the various levels of the U.S. population over the last 30 years: both Democrats and Republicans have controlled the government during this period.

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    This info is from The Guardian (UK)-- Syriza won-- the Neo-Nazis came in 3rd place-- the Communists increased their support, they have 15 seats out of 300, but still came in 5th place, and the left Syriza break away party (the not so popular Popular Unity) did not reach the 3% minimum for representation-- so no seats for them in the parliament.

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