People's Poetry: Two poems for Veterans' Day


Peace to you

And you and you and you

May the Holy Dove descend on your being

Delivering the believing and the seeing

That we are all one

United in a patchwork quilt of sun

And moon and all those around us

Knowing that all must

Acknowledge our own peace

Depends on the peace of everyone


When We Stand for Us All

when we stand for us all

determined not to let each other fall

we are not delivered from pain or fear

but we refuse to bow to the sear

of a boss just as determined to hold us down

just as determined to drown

our hope, our struggle, our dreams

that life is more than what it sometimes seems

when we stand we say

life is precious, struggle tho hard is our way

to win life for us all and joy and peace

we will not cease

our work together for one another

struggle begets winning for ourselves and the other

Photo: War and Peace   by Jayel Aheram  October 2006     Creative Commons 2.0


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