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An Important Message from Stewart Acuff and An Important Film About Fast Food Workers by Norman Markowitz

Below I have cut and pasted two t pieces, first a trailer from an important and powerful award winning film,  "The Hand that Feeds" about undocumented  workers in the fast food industry, today the center of the national movement for a 15$ minimum wage, their  struggle and their remarkable courage...

Memories of Fascist Genocide in Yugoslavia During WWII and a Warning for Today and Tomorrow by Norman Markowitz

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Jasenovac Institute, which seeks to educate people through the world about the fascist Genocide in Yugoslavia during WWII, which the Nazis "subcontracted" to their Croatian clerical fascist henchmen, the Ustasha, I am posting this announcement for the 14th annual days...

Elizabeth Warren on Peoples Government by Norman Markowitz

In the Week that  Hillary Clinton, the tired voice of Democratic party establishment politics has announced her presidential candidacy and on the left some are scurrying to the same old same old rut positions, from refusing to have anything to do with the Democrats, the same old same old there no differences between either of the capitalist parties, to sitting on the sidelines and following the campaign ready to endorse Hillary and work for  her for nothing in terms of any real policies, the woman who has consistently represented what Marxists and Communists have long called an anti-monopoly  politics, sits in the wings and waits while progressive activists through the country  seek to find a way for her to run for President.  Today, on the issues, Elizabeth Warren as an anti-monopoly politician is not only qualitatively better than Hillary Clinton; she is better than Barack Obama  on substantive policies was in 2008 and he was, compared to any Demoratic presidential candidate at the time since George McCGovern, very good.

Robert Meeropol ne Rosenberg on His Mother Ethel and Billy Holiday by Norman Markowitz

The following article was posted by my old and dear friend Gerry Meyer on Portside.

Conclusion: Fateful Steps that Led to the Crisis in Ukraine (Part Two) by Thoms Riggins

This article picks up where Part One left off and explains in more detail the two conceptions of Ukrainian statehood discussed by Richard Sakwa in his new book Frontline Ukraine. 

Fateful Steps That Led to the Crisis in Ukraine (Part One) by Thomas Riggins

The crisis that struck Ukraine last year-- the overthrow of the elected president, the Russian annexation of Crimea, the rebellion in the Russian speaking eastern provinces— was the result of problems that had been festering, not only in Ukraine but all along the former frontiers of the USSR since the...

Elizabeth Warren on TTP and Multi-National Corporations "Fast Track" by Norman Markowitz

The more a listen to your courageous statements, the more I am convinced that Senator Elizabeth Warren is by far the best candidate of either gender to be t he next President of the United States, the only one who has a serious chance of doing wihat we all hoped...

An Important Presentation by Professor Barry Lituchy on the Present Crisis in Ukraine by Norman Markowitz

I have known Barry Lituchy for a generation.  We both were involved in the 1990s in the struggle against  those propagandists of the U.S..NAT0 bloc who celebrated Croatian fascists and Bosnian and Albanian chauvinists and criminals as "freedom fighters" while demonizing the predominantly Serbian forces who sought to defend Yugoslavia as "neo Nazis."  NAT0 which had been established to  fight against the Soviet Union and its allies(which Yugoslavia never was) engaged in its first direct major military operation against Yugoslavia and tragically got away with it, achieving the dismemberment of Yugoslavia as a country.

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