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An Important Petition from Working Families by Norman Markowitz

Below I have posted this petition from Working Families calling for opposition to the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, a NAFT for the Asia-Pacific region which is a lose lose situation for American workers .  Besides losing jobs, the treaty also brings with it potential dangerous conflicts with the Peoples Republic of...

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger's "World Order" [Part Four] by Thomas Riggins

Ferguson now criticizes the ideas expressed by Obama in his New Yorker interview.

An Important Article of Bolivia and its "Communitiarian Socialist" Policies by Norman Markowitz

This is an important article from  Steven L. Robinson which we all can learn.

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger's World Order [Part Three] by Thomas Riggins

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger's World Order  [Part Three]

Piketty for Progressives Part 6 (suite et fin) by Thomas Riggins

Piketty for Progressives (Part Six  suite et fin)

A Scandal in the Republican House of Representativesby Norman Markowitz

A am forwarding this petition to everyone along with a fine article which deals with the background of David Duke.  In Bavaria especially in the 1920s, establishment "conservative" politicians protected the Nazis, using them as a kind of insurance policy against peoples movements and the Social Democratic and Communist Parties...

The First Marxist IQ of 2015 by Norman Markowitz

Marxist IQ for January  Norman Markowitz

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger's World Order [Part Two] by Thomas Riggins

‘Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

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