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Dejavu all Over Again” The Supreme Court Strikes at Health Care from All Directions by Norman Markowitz

        While the Obama administration has been fanning the flames of a burning world in the Near East and the Ukraine, the Supreme Court has been fiddling with  what perhaps has been its major domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act.  And doing it in sinister ways.

Obama's Flirting With Disaster for the Whole World by Norman Markowitz

This is a brief sad and angry response to President Obama's report on the downing of an

July's Marxist IQ by Norman Markowitz

On the Fourth of July, in honor of all peoples movements, here is the July Marxist IQ

The Supreme Court's Twisted Definition of "Religious Freedom" by Norman Markowitz

The Supreme Court’s Twisted Definition of “Religious Freedom” by Norman Markowitz

Ukraine, Iraq, and Fascist Dangers by Norman Markowitz

I recently received an article, "Ukraine and the Rise of Euro Fascism" by Sergei Glazyev, a Russian Academician  and advisor to Putin.  The article is by no means a Marxist article in its analysis of fascism or the general crisis today, not to mention its understandably uncritical treatment of post Soviet Russian policies which contributed to the present danger.