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Democracy Within a Revolutionary Organization

Elementary Points on Democracy

A Marxist IQ for April by Norman Markowitz

A few days ago, the Supreme Court issued what I would consider the “Dred Scott decision” of campaign financing.  The Dred Scott decision of a slaveholder dominated Supreme Court in 1857 eliminated all restrictions  on the extension of slavery at a time when anti-slavery forces represented majority opinion in the free states.

Lenin on the Paris Commune (1871) An Heroic Struggle by Thomas Riggins

Chapter Three of State and Revolution is devoted to Lenin's commentary on Marx's analysis of the 1871 Paris Commune.

Smash or be Smashed? Lenin's Theory of the State by Thomas Riggins

In  Chapter Two of State and Revolution Lenin discusses the lessons of the European revolutionary movement of 1848-51 There are three sections to this chapter.

The Link to the Communist Party of the Ukraine's resolution on the Crisis by Norman Markowitz

The following is the link to the Communist Party of the Ukraine's letter to Communist Parties  It failed to go through the first time I tried to present it at the end of my article

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