Chilean Ruling Coalition Reaches Out to the Communist Party

Chilean presidential hopeful and currently Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza admitted that the Chilean ruling coalition could loose next year’s election. But he also proposed closer ties with the Communist Party to impede further vote erosion.

US Investors Affected by Washington’s Economic Blockade of Cuba

By forbidding American companies to do business in Cuba, the US economic blockade caused the Caribbean nation’s economy a loss estimated at $300 million in 2007.


Book Review: Belching Out the Devil

Coca-Cola is the poster child for capitalism. Its brand alone is valued at $65 billion – number one for six years in a row.

Half of Venezuela’s Budget Goes to Social Spending

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez announced on Friday that around 48% of the national budget for 2009 would go towards social investment. This includes food programs, health, education, and the various social missions.

Cuban Five: The Case is Not Closed

'CASE closed — forget about that!' affirmed Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, referring to the unjust ruling of a panel of judges in Atlanta to uphold a decision to not review the appeals of Gerardo Hernández and René González.

Guide to Economic Crisis, Week 4

What will be impact of the Wall Street bankruptcies, bailouts and blunders on working people in this country and worldwide? What's the solution to the crisis?

Guatemala Forum Decries FTA with US

The free trade agreement between Central American and the US has failed to accomplish all the supposed fairness and pledges advocated by its promoters, participants at the Social Forum of the Americas stated here this week.

Trade Unions Demand Effective Responses to Worsening Financial and Food Crises

With the spreading financial crisis likely to take center stage at the upcoming annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF in Washington on 11-13 October, the global trade union movement is urging the international financial institutions (IFIs) not to overlook the millions of low-income workers whose buying power has declined drastically because of food and fuel price hikes.

US Crisis Affects Central America

The US financial crisis has increased unemployment, reduced money remittances from abroad and affected Central American exports to that country, despite the Free Trade Agreement, according to the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration.

Religious Freedom in Cuba

'Ecumenical institutions and current religions in Cuba enjoy the freedoms and essential constitutional guarantees for their well functioning and for achieving their goals.