Public Option Needed to Rein in Insurance Premiums

While wage growth, impacted by inflation, has eroded steadily over the past decade, the cost of a typical health insurance plan has grown as much as 150 percent, a new report put out by the Obama administration revealed this week.


The Truth About Death Panels

The American Right-Wing’s long history of fear mongering has achieved new lows during the current debate on health care reform. By now most Americans have heard the phrase “death panel” as an all-purpose pejorative against the idea of a public health plan.


Podcast #110: President Obama Raises the Roof at the AFL-CIO Convention

On this episode, President Obama raises the roof at the AFL-CIO annual convention, discussing his positions on issues like workers' rights, the environment, jobs, health care reform and education.


Caribbean Congress on Hypertension Underway in Cuba

Guaranteeing a better therapeutic attention for patients suffering from hypertension and updating specialists in the field are among the priorities of the 3rd Caribbean Congress on Hypertension that began in this city on Thursday.


Atlanta: Grady Hospital Dialysis Closure Protested

A coalition of advocacy groups on Thursday, September 10, 2009, called on officials to delay the closure of the Grady Health System Outpatient Dialysis Clinic until care can be found for all patients using those services.


The US Health Care System – Values and Priorities

Muskegon, Mich. – The current battles over American health care system are indicative of a wider philosophical and social divide. What is at stake, and what is the desired outcome of each side? First we must look at the current health care system as it exists in the United States.


Lonesome Hobo Economics: Mine Fields in the Health Care Endgame

I was ecstatic at the temper and pitch of President Obama's health care address. I accept in principle the President's position that the political instability arising from too dramatic a shock to the existing complex US healthcare system argues strongly for exerting every effort to avert the spread of panic or fear.


Joe Wilson's 'You Lie' Outburst Aimed at Immigration Wedge

After the disrespectful outburst by Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., during President Obama's speech to Congress on health reform this week, immigration reform advocates have stepped up their efforts to set the record straight about health reform and the immigration issue.

Lonesome Hobo Economics: That is a lie!

Like a Samurai sword catching a silk scarf full of dung, President Obama eloquently separated the silk from the shinola last night in his speech to Congress on health care reform. To the Joseph Goebbels style slanders and phony hysterics fomented by creepy talk show hosts and Republican leaders like Sarah Palin, he 'called them out.'

Health Care Rally Held at Georgia Capitol

At least 1,000 people converged on the State Capitol Thursday, September 03, 2009, to rally for health care reform one more time before US Congress returns to Washington, DC, next week.

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