Editorial: Iraq Is The Homeland of All... Let Us Build It Together

Weekly edition: 24 August 2004 Iraq Is The Homeland of All... Let Us Build It Together

After the collapse of the dictatorship, Iraqis of various political, ethnic, religious and communal affiliations were looking forward to building a new life on the basis of respect for different opinion, multiparty system, discarding violence irrespective of type and source, practicing civilized debate, and the rule of justice and law.

The process since then has witnessed numerous difficulties, hurdles and interference. Some of these relate to the way the change came about and the resulting occupation of our country. This has confronted our people and the patriotic forces and parties with interlocking tasks, where the patriotic aspects have merged with the efforts to achieve democracy. Rebuilding various institutions and organs of the Iraqi state on new basis has emerged as an absolute necessity for achieving a number of tasks along the path of ending occupation, regaining sovereignty and tackling urgent issues, namely security, stability, unemployment, economic revival, provision of public services, Reconstruction, etc, thus moving forward in building a peaceful prosperous democratic Iraq.

Along this path, there have been basic achievements contributing to the vitality and determination to proceed with the political process. Thus there have been the Law for Iraqi State Administration in the Transitional Period, its appendix, the formation a broadly-based interim government, the transfer of power on June 28, and finally the success of the National Conference as well as the emergence of the Interim National Assembly through the broadest exercise of democracy and most comprehensive representation of the sections of Iraqi society.

During the National Conference and afterwards tensions and clashes continued in Najaf and other Iraqi cities. In a profound feeling of concern, the Conference adopted a responsible initiative to tackle the crisis, provide relevant solutions and contact all sides, appealing on them to exercise patience and prudence as well as adopting well-balanced solutions that give priority to supreme national interests. The initiative defined the route for moves and efforts to restore peace and avert further dangers to innocent people, stressing the need for the rule of law and order as well as resorting to dialogue to solve problems. The initiative included sending a delegation and a call to abolish militias, surrender weapons, end occupation of the holly shrine in Najaf and join the political process. At the same time, the Conference strongly urged the government, political parties and popular organizations to take initiatives and exert all efforts to avert the military option as a solution for problems.

As tensions, clashes and a senseless whirlwind of bloodshed, destruction and devastation have continued, we believe that the Conference' initiative should be re-launched. All sides concerned should openly accept it and exert all efforts to implement it in order to stop bloodshed and to save citizens' lives and the holly shrines. This will create the atmosphere for the interim government to carry out their promise to the Iraqi people to establish security and stability, improve living standards, provide public services, provide the prerequisites for achieving full independence and national sovereignty, as well as preparing for the upcoming general elections. Thus, it is imperative to openly and clearly declare acceptance, without stalling or delay, of the unanimous decision of the National Conference.

Let us end the crisis by a historical declaration of a decision to disband militias, surrender their weapons, resort to peace and join the political process. In this there will be no losers but winners, for the greatest winner will be our homeland, our people as well as their hopes and aspirations to build a secure and peaceful Iraq of love, fraternity and understanding; a fully independent and sovereign Iraq.

It is the homeland for all of us. So let us build it together as a democratic, federal and unified Iraq

--Tareeq Al-Shaab is the central organ of the Iraqi Communist Party.

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