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Let's Fight for a Progressive Agenda

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Back to the Future Capitalism

The budget deal that is being processed today has to be seen for what it is—a defeat for the working class of the U.S. and a victory for both monopoly capitalism and the forces of reaction.

It's criminal

After winning control of the House, Republicans forced what has proven to be a disastrous change in conversation from job creation to deficits.And they have held the need to raise the debt ceiling hostage to push their hard right agenda.

How the 2010 elections changed the political terrain

Are we ignoring the results and consequences of the 2010 elections? They have put the whole political spectrum way to the right in a way that Obama cannot ignore ; despite all the left pundits' claims to the contrary.

Debt-ceiling Showdown: A Test of Sanity

The so-called “debt ceiling” crisis is upon us. Unless the amount the US can borrow is raised, a second financial crisis looms,  partial default on our debts, the furlough of 800,000 federal workers and contractors, cancelled checks to millions of social security and medicare and medicaid clients, and a host of other evils.

White House to Twitter town hall

The White House will host the first ever "Twitter town hall" Wednesday July 6th on the economy and the President's plan to create jobs.

NLRB takes steps to aid unionization efforts

This was posted over at Americna Rights at Work.

Obama administration pushes ahead with free trade agreements

Today the Obama aministration announced it may have the basis of a deal with Republicans in Congress to move forward with three free trade deals: Korea-US, Panama FTA and Colombia FTA.

Save the nation! Tax corporations! Tax the rich!

From CPUSA Political Action Commission:

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