Iraqi Communists Condemn Bombings in Baghdad

10-26-09, 9:51 am

The Iraqi Communist party has strongly condemned the twin bombings atrocity in central Baghdad on Sunday 25 October 2009 that killed at least 132 people and wounded more than 500 people.

A statement issued by the Political Bureau of the party said 'the forces of terrorism and crime have once again unleashed their brutal hatred against Iraq and Iraqis, committing a new heinous crime that has claimed dozens of innocent lives, and shedding the blood of hundreds more civilians.'

The statement pointed that, in a manner similar to the atrocity of 'Bloody Wednesday' on 19 August 2009, 'the wounds of which have not yet healed', the criminal forces 'have today carried out their aggression in the same treacherous way, and in the same cold-blooded manner that distinguishes professional killers and criminals.'

'In addition to inflicting harm upon the Iraqi people, the aim is once again to sabotage the ongoing political process in our country, and to create the conditions for its reversal and to return Iraq to the rule of dictatorship and tyranny.

'It is no coincidence that this new crime of genocide, that has been designed and implemented to spread death and destruction on the widest possible scale, has targeted the headquarters of two ministries and the offices of Baghdad's provincial council. It is also no coincidence that the people, who are the victims of the barbaric series of crimes by terrorist gangs, are holding the remnants of Saddam's Baath party, al-Qaeda, militias and organized crime responsible.'

'While strongly condemning the new heinous crime against our people and homeland, we call on the national political forces to overcome their differences and live up to the challenges, and to accelerate the resolution of outstanding political issues, notably the issue of the election law.'

The Iraqi Communist Party called upon the relevant authorities 'to pursue the killers and bring them to justice so that they receive the punishment they deserve, and to take measures in order to put an end to such security breaches and protect the lives of citizens and state institutions.'

The Political Bureau's statement concluded its statement by expressing sincere sympathy to the families of the victims, and its wishes to the wounded and injured for a speedy recovery.