Boycotting Jim Crow: The Original Anti-Segregation Movement

When you look at real people, real people are messy; they don’t always make sense and they do not always perfectly adhere to a prescribed set of ideals.

Audio: Boycotting Jim Crow: The Original Anti-Segregation Movement

On this episode we speak with historian Blair L.M. Kelley about her award-winning book Right to Ride: Streetcar Boycotts and African American Citizenship in the Era of Plessy v. Ferguson, recently out by University of North Carolina Press.


Individual and Society: The Dialectical Conception of History

The premise of all human society is the existence of living human individuals.


Strange and Monstrous

Perhaps the authors believe that the interests of the world revolution require that it should be given a push, and that such a push can be given only by war, never by peace, which might give the people the impression that imperialism was being “legitimised"?


Out of the Red Megaphone: The Modernist Protest Music of a Lost Age

While not often recognized in recent times, art in its most fearless could once be found amidst the political actions of the global Communist movement, and in our own nation through the organizing of the Communist Party USA.