Movie discussion: Capitalism – A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love story

Michael Moore's 2009 film is more relevant now then ever. Below are some possible discussion question to help better understand the issues in the movie and the problems our country faces. There aren't right or wrong answers to these questions, but lots of food for thought.

Additional footage for the film can be found at

1. How does the film explain the development of the "middle class" n the mid-20th century? What conditions saw the improved standard of living for many working class people? What contradictions existed at the same time?

2. The film notes the Reagan era as a dividing line between the rise of the "middle class" and its current decline. What policies did Reagan usher in and why? What were the results?

3. Moore provides stories about the impact of privatization on local communities. What were some of these?'

4. Corporations repeatedly claim that cutting jobs will allow them to save money and stay in business. Why does this not seem to work much in the examples detailed in the film?

5. Moore talks with workers and farmers about the impact of economic conditions and policies on their lives. What were some of their stories? What ways did they express solidarity with one another?

6. The film elaborates and mocks ideological justifications for capitalism. What were some of the claims for why capitalism is so good? What problems do you see with those claims?

7. The film focuses heavily on a moral condemnation of capitalism. Do you agree with that approach? Many Marxists prefer what they call a scientific critique of capitalism? Which do you prefer? Which is more effective in touching the experiences of working-class people?

8. What kind of action can your group take locally to

You can find additional readings and discussion questions about how capitalism works here. Post your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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