Poem - My Shani Star and Ray of Light

I remember Shani Born, October 23, 1971 The eve of her birth She danced in my womb To Scott Joplin’s Opera 'Treemonisha' The motion sent me to the Restroom Blood was in my urine Her farther and I made stayed until The Concert was over The morning after Shani B Our first and only girl together Shani, a wonder Amazement She joined her two brothers Obalaji and Ras In life Soon there would be Amiri Jr. and Ahi

For all time When the Ice Cream truck comes Playing 'the Entertainer' I will think of Shani and Scott Joplin And her many flavors

Shani my Shining Star A flower grew in October Indian Summer She named the night 'Dark time' She reasoned with rhyme The Sun brought light

My 'Little Darling' The sound of, Nat Phipps Band Terrace Ballroom, Newark, N.J. When the dance was over Time to go home

Shani is Sweet potato pie Made of Brown Sugar Collard Greens and Hot Sauce Salmon and Lamb Chops perfectly grilled A crisp Green Salad everyday

Woman, Daughter Talked fast Played Fast Ball Won it all Brought the Gold Home The Basket Ball court Her back yard Amiri Jr. called it The Black yard Neighborhood came Played the Game Her brothers taught her To kept the Team tight

I remember Shani A puzzled little girl Statement about Race on application 'Ain't we Human' without guile

At Johnson C. Smith, in North Carolina Shani called to tell The Klan marched downtown Hoods and all She saw Racists Shani, questioned their intelligence Said they were 'dumb' Graduated, Magna Cum Laude

Came home to Newark, New Jersey Where she taught Science, Math, English One year she taught French

Fast learner Isn't she lovely

I remember The day she brought Rashan Holmes To the house 'Mommy this is Ray'

Shani would find a Ray of Sun That Ray Be Isn't they Wonderful Unforgettable, Irreplaceable I know their Spirit lives on I want my Daughter and her Ray

I will forever carry a tear in my eye A pain in my heart For my daughter Wanda abused Blamed Her estranged husband is the suspect For the murder of her sister and Ray Unrestrained by Law

Shani and Ray were here Now the are gone

I wore the same white dress First, to Shani's Baptism Second, to Ray and Shani’s Wake I wore Black to the Funeral Trees in the Neighborhood have become Tombstones

Violence-- Domestic violence Families, Communities Worldwide violence Violated by the chill The wind of war

When will Human Beings evolve? Evol learn to Love Learn how to Learn to fight To abolish All Forms of Oppression Let Justice See Seek Peace In the Name of All

Mommy, Amina Baraka October 23, 2003