Pushing to Rebuild the Gulf Coast, Still

2-26-09, 11:15 am

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Trouble the Water came close to winning an Oscar on Sunday Night! If you don't recall, it's the inspiring story of two Katrina survivors and their journey to rebuild their lives.

But Trouble the Water is more than a film – it's part of a campaign to remind the American people that the injustices along the Gulf Coast didn't begin when the levees failed in New Orleans, and that the recovery is far from over. With Obama in office, we have a new chance to demand legislative action to heal the Gulf Coast. So we've partnered with the Gulf Coast Civic Works Campaign to demand action from Congress.

By clicking below, you can send a message through the film's web site to demand that Congress finally do right by Katrina survivors. And when you do, can you ask your friends and family to do the same? It only takes a minute:

The last Congress introduced a bill called the 'Gulf Coast Civic Works Act,' which would have helped rebuild vital infrastructure in the region and protect it from future floods. Unfortunately, this legislation never came up for a vote.

The $787 billion economic recovery package that Congress just passed does offer support for the working poor, but it doesn't directly address the unfinished recovery of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. No region of the United States has a greater need for rebuilding its housing and infrastructure and restoring its environment – Gulf Coast residents still need your help.

President Obama has pledged to finish what was left undone in the Gulf Coast. Ask Congress to pass the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act so that President Obama can sign it into law: