Japanese Communists Condemn Nuclear Proliferation

President Bush in his fiscal 2006 budget requested money to develop the so-called Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP), including inert-bomb tests.

Korean Women's Voices for Peace

Korean women, who have been hoping to see Korea become a land of peace, without war and weapons, and who have long worked for the peaceful reunification of Korea, are very concerned about the declaration that North Korea has nuclear weapons.

No German Flowers for Bush

his time George Bush is not visiting Berlin. His last visit here in 2002 resulted in an unfriendly demonstration of close to 100,000 people from all over Germany.


Bush Visits Europe: Ready for more wars

US diplomats and George W Bush's apologists on this side of the Atlantic try to portray the US president's visit to Europe as a bridge-building exercise.


Darfur: The Time to Act is Now

SOAT calls on the United Nations Security Council to speedily endorse the recommendations embodied in the International Commission of Inquiry report on Darfur and to immediately act on its findings.

SACP Calls for Expansion of Essential Services

Sout African Communist Party calls for expansion of essential services and land.

Cuban Health Care: A health program without precedent

It could well be that Cuba's Medicine, the Medical Sciences, the health of its people and sister and friendly nations that have the highest profile and future

Iraq's Election: 'Only a mass movement can end lraq occupation'

While an Islamic Shiite coalition won a slim majority in the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq, the results indicate that no single group can control the country’s political process.

World Welcomes Kyoto Treaty

Despite US rejection, the Kyoto treaty to fight global warming goes into effect today amidst continuous reports bearing ominous news about the future of the environment.

The Lion and the Goat: Chávez vs. Bush

Presiden Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has led an international movement of building close ties with countries that have longthreatened US hegemony.

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