113 Institutions Charged with Refusing to Reveal Biotech Research

Some 113 university, government, hospital and corporate laboratories engaged in research often with potential to be used for germ warfare have refused to disclose their operations to the public as required by Federal rules, a nonprofit watchdog agency has charged.


Iraq: Abbas Dawood, “I lost 11 members of my family in less than one year”

“I’m 29-years-old. I’ve been handicapped since 18 January, 2006, when I lost my leg in an explosion while I was working as a waiter in a Baghdad restaurant.


Is Your Lawn Worth It?

Grass lawns first appeared in Europe in medieval times, status symbols for the rich that had to be kept trimmed by fairly labor-intensive methods, often by grazing livestock and certainly not by polluting lawn mowers and poisonous weed killers.


U.S. or Israeli Attack on Iran Could Contaminate the Middle East

If the U.S. or Israel attack Iranian nuclear power facilities 'huge amounts of radioactive material will be lofted into the air to contaminate the people of Iran and surrounding countries,' an eminent international authority on nuclear weapons warns.


The Good Die Young

Last week, two men died. One of them was an insignificant nonentity who hardly troubled people’s thoughts when he was in office thirty years ago, a man universally hailed for his “decency” and collegiality toward fellow politicians and members of his country’s political elite; the other, a brutal tyrant.


The Left in Israel and the Danger of a Palestinian Civil War

The Israeli left, with few exceptions, supported the two-state policy of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority under his leadership. The fact that the political formations to the left of Fatah supported this policy was yet an additional factor in shaping the views of the left in Israel.


Democrats' Open-Mic Press Conferences

Unlike the previous majority party in Congress, the Democrats who take power today know their weaknesses.  They know they're not very good at the whole press conference thing where you're supposed to stand there and say something people care about. 


Delay in Reporter Subpoena in War Objector's Tribunal

Independent journalist Sarah Olson still has to decide whether to testify in a court martial against one of her sources, but now she will have another month in which to make that decision, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.


The Unraveling of David Stern

Anyone seen David Stern recently? Is there proof that the man they call 'Money' isn't growing out his fingernails, freezing his urine, and trading in his wingtips for tissue boxes?


Canada: Is Stephane Dion the antidote to Stephen Harper?

The Liberal Party leadership race which wrapped up on Dec. 2 in Montreal had all the elements of dramatic horse race, culminating in a delegate vote which saw Stephane Dion emerge from the pack to catch Michael Ignatieff at the fourth-round wire.

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