Pakistan: Musharraf’s bloodbath at the Masjid

The intensification of fighting between the students of Lal Masjid and the Pakistani army has left hundreds dead and many injured.


Georgia May Execute Innocent Man in 9 Days

In nine days, on July 17, 2007, Georgia may execute an innocent man, after both State and Federal Courts refused to hear the recanted testimony of 7 out of 9 witnesses in his case,.


Moving? Advice on How to Go Green

Moving may be inherently unfriendly to the environment given that carting stuff around means expending lots of fuel and emitting a lot of pollutants, but there are ways to “relocate responsibly.”


US Military Attacks Drive Civilians Out of Baghdad Suburb

Some residents of the mainly Shia Baghdad suburb of Sadr City are fleeing their homes - apparently scared of reprisals by US troops searching the area for militants.


Neocolonial Elections and State Terrorism in the Philippines

Contrary to Philippine government claims, the mid-term May elections sounded a dirge to the Arroyo regime’s barbaric repression of its citizens and its subservience to U.S. imperial dictates.


Pro-NATO Forces in Afghanistan Kill Slightly More Civilians Than Taliban

For Janaan, 11, it is not important who killed his father, Shier Mohammad. He only knows that his father died during a clash in the Sangeen District of southern Helmand Province in March 2007.


Civil Rights Groups Form Coalition, Develop Plan for High School Reform

Several of the nation's largest civil rights organizations representing communities of color unveiled a strategic plan for high school reform to a packed room on Capitol Hill.


Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard

British terrorist threat level set to highest. White House admits bombing Afghani women and children. Bush commutes sentence for FBI scammer and loyal patriot Scooter Libby. Reality sure sets the tone for Die Hard's latest.


Remembering Hiroshima on July 4th

August 6, 1945, was a terrible day, in which the first atom bomb in history was dropped by the Truman administration on Hiroshima, Japan, to be a followed by another atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki.


Israel Plans to Deport African Refugees

The Kadima-led government of Israel is implementing a plan to block African refugees from entering Israel and forcing those inside the country to return to Africa.

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