Natural Gas Cars

Honda’s natural gas Civic GX, which debuted in 2006 in California but is now becoming available in other parts of the country, just may be the cleanest mainstream car on the road.


Activists Use Hearing on Medical-Caused Bankruptcy to Push for National Health Care

Health care activists, including one woman whose family went broke due to high medical bills, used a congressional hearing on medical bill-caused bankruptcy to push for government-run national health care.


Bottled Water – Straight from the Tap

As for bottled water, it is first important to know that 25 to 30 percent of it comes straight from municipal tap water systems, despite the pretty nature scenes on the bottles that imply otherwise.


President Bush's Drug Czar Invades Politics

In a startling discovery of what appears to reek of the stench of collusion, a Congressional committee has discovered evidence that the nation's drug czar and his deputies traveled to almost two dozen events with vulnerable Republican members of Congress in the months prior to the 2006 elections.


Bush's War on America's Children

As Bush battles Congress to keep his war going, he has just fired the opening salvo in another war... on America's children.


What Happened to Immigration Reform?

The Senate last month failed to pass the Bush-backed immigration reform plan, known as the “grand bargain.” It’s now widely reported that any immigration reform measures will have to wait until after the 2008 elections.


Some Big Apple Taxis to Go Green

Just this past May, as part of a larger effort to make New York the “greenest major metropolis on the planet,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced an ambitious plan to switch over the city’s 13,000-vehicle taxi cab fleet from gas guzzling traditional cars to (comparatively) fuel-sipping gasoline-electric hybrids.


Hard Road Home

Statistically, it is well known that if you wind up in prison and are lucky enough to get out, you will be going back some time soon. Julio Medina is someone who has beaten the odds hands down.


Build an Eco-friendly Home

There are many ideas as to what constitutes an “eco-home,” depending upon how pure one wants to be. But certain common elements—such as energy efficiency, responsible materials sourcing and minimal landscape disruption—must be in place to meet most environmentalists’ criteria.


Moving? Advice on How to Go Green

Moving may be inherently unfriendly to the environment given that carting stuff around means expending lots of fuel and emitting a lot of pollutants, but there are ways to “relocate responsibly.”

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