Short Story: Men and Women

Salbenblatt had had something to drink and didn’t want to make a noise. He bolted the door of the flat and checked the gas tap, as he did every evening; he heard the siren of a car down in the street, and then, behind the opened door, his wife who had woken with a fright.


How the Right Recruits, and What the Left can Learn

Right-wing psychologist, author and media personality Dr. James Dobson and his national organization, Focus on the Family, have risen in recent decades from obscurity to national prominence. Dobson and his followers now seem poised to wield the degree of national political clout once enjoyed by Jerry Falwell and his “Moral Majority.”

We Charge Genocide: A Brief History of US in the Philippines

Except during the 1960’s when the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902 was referred to as “the first Vietnam,” the death of 1.4 million Filipinos has been usually accounted for as either collateral damage or victims of insurrection against the imperial authority of the United States.

BRIGADES of Workers and Witnesses

Now is the time for activists across the country to take action to save New Orleans from instant gentrification. There is an unprecedented unity of perspective among progressive political people.


If I Had a Hammer: Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution

A revolution is presently on course in Venezuela known as the “Bolivarian revolution.” It is an antisystemic and socialist revolution, which benefits from very broad support. Since 1998, Venezuelans have repeatedly affirmed their liking for this revolution.