A Second Wave for Dems in the House?

With all eyes focused on the remaining 14 days of the presidential campaign, little attention has been aimed at the congressional races and the possibility for a second sweep of between 10 and 20 Republican-held seats in Congress, by some estimates.


VA Document Shredding Part of Cost-cutting Policy?

Department of Veterans Affairs offices have been caught discarding veterans' benefits claims and related personal documents without reviewing those claims, an Air Force Times story reported this week.

Financial Meltdown Could Increase Jobless by 20 Million

The global financial crisis could increase world unemployment by an estimated 20 million women and men, the director-general of the International Labor Office (ILO) said on Monday.

Half of Venezuela’s Budget Goes to Social Spending

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez announced on Friday that around 48% of the national budget for 2009 would go towards social investment. This includes food programs, health, education, and the various social missions.


Jobs with Justice Builds Broad Support for the Employee Free Choice Act

This is a very challenging moment in our history, but also a moment filled with opportunities, including the chance to take a big step forward in our fight for worker justice.

The Crisis in Germany, Das Kapital, and the Poll Results

Yes, the big economic crisis is hitting Germany, too. The evidence includes the hasty meetings of top politicians and the decision by the government coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats to save the suffering banks with 500 billion Euros in credit.

Motor Oil and Water Pollution

Motor oil leaked from individual vehicles—or outright dumped by homeowners and commercial garages—constitutes a significant chunk of storm water runoff, the fallen precipitation that runs off of roads and parking lots and inevitably finds its way into local water bodies.

Canada Border Assaults Remind Indigenous Women of Old Indian Story

The hundreds of Mohawk women who have been harassed, assaulted, threatened, abused, raped, almost killed and “disappeared” at the Cornwall Ontario border crossing are getting to the point where they must challenge the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) goons.

Vietnam Expresses Willingness to Cooperate on Climate Change Issues

Vietnam is willing to cooperate with other countries to push ahead negotiations within the framework of the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Bali itinerary in the time to come.

Is the Crisis Transforming Global Finance?

After much dithering, lots of high drama and much effort to avoid the inevitable for fear that it would straightjacket capitalism, governments in the developed industrial countries have taken the first, major, necessary step to begin resolving the financial crisis.

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