Goodbye Luis, Welcome to the Jobless Ranks

Approaching touchdown on an international flight on a U.S. air line a couple of weeks ago, the cabin crew had a special announcement: 'For one of us this will be the last trip,' said the attendant. 'As you know the company has been furloughing a number of employees.


Atlanta: Grady Hospital Dialysis Closure Protested

A coalition of advocacy groups on Thursday, September 10, 2009, called on officials to delay the closure of the Grady Health System Outpatient Dialysis Clinic until care can be found for all patients using those services.


Farewell to Juan Almeida

We Cubans have lost one of our more beloved and popular heroes. Commandante Juan Almeida Bosque, was born 82 years ago, the second of twelve children of a family with modest economic resources, but high patriotic values.

90 Years of Working Class Struggle in Photos

This is the Communist Party's 90th Anniversary year. Founded in 1919, the Communist Party has had an unparalleled history of struggle for jobs, justice, peace and socialism in this country.


Photos: Labor Camps in Hollister, Calif.

HOLLISTER, CA - 23JULY09 - The Campo Rojo (Red Camp) is a labor camp for farmworkers, operated by labor contractor John Hernandez. Most of the workers living in this camp are Mixtec, Triqui or other indigenous migrants from southern Mexico.


CNN's Lou Dobbs Legitimizes Hate

Hate-based, anti-immigrant propaganda has poisoned not only the health care debate but is also distorting the public discussion about immigration reform, charged a group of civil rights, immigration reform advocacy and media watchdog organizations this week.


What Does Japan's DPJ Government Mean to China-Japan Relations?

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), which has won the Aug. 30 general election by landslide, has vowed to construct a more 'equal' Japan-US relations. On the other front, it said it will promote diplomacy with Asian countries, including China. But what exact challenges and opportunities are the two Asian powerhouses facing under the brand-new DPJ administration?


Afghanistan: Sham Elections

The August 20 presidential election in Afghanistan has turned out to be a bigger farce than the first one held five years ago. In that election, at least more Afghans turned out to vote at the urging of the various warlords and assorted power brokers.


GOP-appointed Judges Shame America

The federal Appeals Court decision to toss a lawsuit claiming contractors tortured detainees in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison is what you’d expect from a tyranny.


Energy Efficient Appliances

There has never been a better time to upgrade some of those older creaky appliances that are gobbling up much more energy (or water) than they need to in your home. Fortunately, most of the sifting-through to find the best values has already been done for you.

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