A Marxist IQ for the New Year by Norman Markowitz

This is our last Marxist IQ for the year.  In it we will try to look at a variety of myths that center around the capitalist system, some of which have influenced socialist movements in recent decades.


1. The capitalist myth that capital/investment creates both jobs and products is confounded by

     a. the reality that capital is merely the wealth produced by previous or "dead" labor

     b. that capital to maximize profits seeks to reduce jobs/labor costs

     c. that capital to maximize profits seeks to export jobs abroad where labor is cheaper

     d. all of the above


 2,  The capitalist myth that capitalism is the only system on earth connected  to democracy is

      a. proven true  by the democratic nature of all capitalist states, including the military regimas though the world, and previous capitalist regimes like fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

     b proven true by the democratic and participatory nature of elections in the U.S.

     c. proven false by the the support of the U.S. and other capitalist countries for capitalist    open dictatorships in the majority of the world capitalist states

    d. proven false by the the dictatorial policies of the Obama administration


3. The contemporary capitalist myths of governments representing "stakeholders" in "civil society" is

    a. proven true by the influence of non governmental organizations(ngos) in protecting the people from governments

    b. proven true by the role of governments like the UK and international political entitites like the European Union in fairly representing the interests of all "stakeholders", including trade unions, consumer groups, pensioners along with corporate managers and bankers in society

   c. proven fales by the fact that the overwhelming majority of workers own nothing that gives them a "stake" in capitlaist society and capital has always limited the "civil society" rights of citizens when itw wealth and power were threatened

   d.  proven false by the fact that "big government" and taxation are the enemies of both the stakeholders in society and civil society


4. The capitalist myth, derived largely from the reformist philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, the the only measure of economic progress in any system is quantity economic growth, which some advocates of socialism in the world have adopted is

   a. proven true by the growth of the Chinese economy since it committed itself to a social market economy

   b. proven true by the low rates of "growth" that the Soviet economy experienced in its last years

   c.proven false by the reality that quantity growth which ignores real living standards and also the distribution of the wealth  created by such growth hides and distorts much more than it explains about real economies

  d. Is proven false by the failures of the Russian economy since it the Soviet Union was dismembered


5. Which of the following statements accurately expresses the views of V. I Lenin at the time of his death in the early 1920a

     a.  The world revolution was imminent if it were actively advanced by the Soviet Union

    b. The Soviet Union could develop socialism by itself if it isolated itself from the rest of the   world

    c, The Soviet Union should develop a mixed economy and  develop relationships with capitalist countries

   d.  The future of the Soviet Socialist Revolution, its survival, was unclear but the eventual triumph of socialism through the world was both necessary and inevitable


answers to last week IQ


1. a

2. b

3 d





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  • It seems nos. 1 & 2 have been mistakenly transposed in "answers to last wee IQ"- they should be 1. b 2. a.

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 01/02/2013 10:02am (4 years ago)

  • 1. d

    2. c

    3. c

    4. c

    5. d

    Posted by Sean Mulligan, 12/30/2012 3:21pm (4 years ago)

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