Middle East Interventions

Intervention in the Name of StabilityProfessor Noam Chomsky recently delivered an important address in Amsterdam entitled “Contours of the World Order.”(1)A large part of the speech was devoted to the role of the US in defending its area of absolute hegemony.

Raul Castro Takes the Reins in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 28 — To explain what's happening in Cuba has always been complex, but with Raul Castro in the presidency, it's becomes even more difficult.

Book Review: After Empire - The Birth of a Multipolar World

After Empire - The Birth of a Multipolar World.

US Rethinks Strategy: War as Opportunity in Libya

The brutality of Libyan leader Moammar Ghaddafi, and his refusal to concede power, is costing Libya much more than innocent lives.

Whither Egypt Now?

"Peoples of Egypt, you will be told that I have come to destroy your religion.

Berlin’s Easter Parade vs. War and Bad Atoms

The Easter holiday in Germany lasts from Good Friday to Easter Monday, four days.

Wikileaks and the India-US Defense Agreement

Original source: People's Democracy

A New “Beijing Consensus”?

Original source: People's Democracy

UN Chief Urges Libyan Ceasefire

Original source: Global Times

The People of Venezuela and the U.S. Celebrate the Retaking of Democracy

The People of Venezuela and the U.S. Celebrate the Retaking of DemocracyOn the nine-year anniversary of the retaking of democracy in Venezuela, U.S. voices send messages of support to the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution.On April 13, 2002, the pressure and protests of the majority of the Venezuelan people returned President Hugo Chávez to office, bringing to an end a 48-hour coup launched by sectors of the Venezuelan political opposition, including its allies in the private media and in the international community.The coup, which began on April 11 and was supported by the administration of President George W. Bush, left 19 people dead and shattered Venezuela’s democratic institutions.

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