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Quote of the Day
October 7, 2012

' There is one important number in the report that
barely budged from previous months. The share of
jobless workers out of work for six months or more
remained extremely high, at 40 percent, or 4.8
million people, of which more than half had been
out of work for more than year. And finding a job
remains difficult: in July, the latest month for which
data on job openings was available, nearly 13
million jobless workers were competing for 3.7
million openings.

'Long-term joblessness is largely a measure of the
depth of employment loss during the recession from
the end of 2007 to mid-2009. Its persistence means
that a top priority now is to extend federal jobless
benefits, which kick in when state unemployment
insurance benefits run out, generally after 26

New York Times
October 7, 2012

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