Call to Action -- 26 Days to Get Out the Vote

Call to Action -- 26 Days to Get Out the Vote

Hope is Stronger than Hate

October 2 was a history making day.  The momentum for this November's election results lie in the hands of the grand coalition that poured into Washington for the One Nation Working Together  March for Jobs, Justice and Education.  This rally represents a new level of rejection of the hate, fear, bigotry and red-baiting which are the cornerstone of the reactionary Republican Tea Parties, and a new commitment to keep our country moving forward by getting out the vote.

November's election results lie in the hands of those across the country who, in solidarity with the rally, knocked on the doors of fellow union members and neighbors to talk about how to fix the jobs crisis: These conversations help clarify the choice before voters: Will it be more tax cuts for the rich? Or more funding of jobs, health care, education?

Recent polls show right-wing Republicans losing ground in a number of races across the country. With a powerful Get-Out-the-Vote effort, their drive to take majority control of the House and Senate can be blocked.

The best way to overcome the massive funding on media ads by the Republicans is to build up the Labor 2010 worker-to-worker and labor-to-neighbor door knocking, phone banking and voter registration, and similar efforts by organizations such as Organizing for America, MoveOn and Planned Parenthood. 

As a member organization of One Nation Working Together, the Communist Party USA is pledged to do all we can to get out the vote.  The work that we carry out will resonate even bigger as part of this new coalition of labor, civil rights, youth, women, environment, peace, immigrant and lgbt groups.

Every Day Counts

If you have not done so already, ask every member and friend around your club and district to take out their calendar and commit to at least 10 hours of volunteering between now and election day.  Ask everyone to take off work on Tuesday, November 2.  If they can't then ask them to commit to volunteer before or after work on election day.   If you are not already engaged in the elections, there are many opportunities to participate in phone banks and door knocking with labor and others who are hosting weekly and sometimes daily sessions.  (See links below).

Building a Base

The coverage in the People's World is excellent.  Circulating the election stories and building up the number of people who sign up for e-mail headlines will strengthen the election campaign and beyond.  Our get-out-the-vote flier, "Defend Our Victories - Win More - Vote Nov. 2" is very well received.  If you have any left make a place to distribute or mail them to club and district members, contacts and friends.  Use the flier when you are conducting voter registration and at other events.

Building the Coalition

If you have not done so already, sign up with the Labor 2010 campaign in your area, and / or the campaigns of other organizations who are conducting voter registration, education and turnout.  Here are some ways to make phone calls and get signed up for door-to-door work with labor and other organizations:

Keeping in Touch

The right-wing is employing many dirty tricks in this election in their all-out attempt to grab back control of the country.   E-mail to or call the national office if you need to discuss specific tactical concerns that arise in your state or congressional district.

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