Climate Change: A Lesson for Cancun

Deception would be a less violent term to characterize the sessions of the recent international conference on climate change held in Cancun, Mexico where the planet´s environment is still a serious problem.

The battle to come will become much more intense among those that are truly interested in a clean and prosperous world and those that are blind to the problem do not think that the destruction of nature will not penetrate their security box, mansions and armored limousines.

That is what we are dealing with, the confrontation between those that want to save our species and the interests of our worst enemies.

The battle began full force in the 1990´s, specifically in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the first summit on climate change and where the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro predicted the environmental crisis that was already underway.

He also warned on the urgent need to protect our environment for the good of humanity, position in which Cuba has reiterated since then with profound conviction.

Former US President George Bush Senior was one of the few Heads of State that did not sign the agreement for the reduction of contaminating gases.

What really interferes in the agreement in favor of improving global environment is imperialism´s uncontrolled desire for richness at all cost, mistake which seems to estimate that when there is a lack of uncontaminated air or a rise of the sea level, the rich will live in glass tents and will remain immune to world tragedies.

As in many other cases, capitalism proves that it is not interested in the large global ecological concerns; the stubborn defense of the monopolies and transnational that damage nature and their destructive nature.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said in the Cancun Summit, in what Cuba defined as a valid exponent and authorized, due to their ethnic origins, in defending and protecting nature; capitalism is an ecological criminal.

This is translated as genocide because killing human habitat is the same as assassinating the plant in which we live in.

The failure of the Cancun summit should not be interpreted as a sign of defeat or impotence, on the contrary.  It points out who are the true enemies of humanity and civilization and meanwhile, those that love our planet and all manifestations of life and well being will continue their fight to save our home.

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  • It is so pleasing to see Fidel Castro getting some acknowledgement for some of his many contributions to humankind,particularly in the connection of ecology.
    The selfish ignorance and lies of capitalism affects all,blinding all,or almost all.
    A clue to restoring humanity and nature along knowledgable lines is in socialism,in North America and everywhere.
    It is as old as the activities of science in South,North and Central America,around ancient times.
    It is in the activities of Jose Marti,a hero of Fidel Castro's.
    It is in Africa's general influence on the Americas,a thousand years before Columbus,proven by Ivan Van Sertima.
    It seems clear that millions more will have to take more direct action to correct the ecological criminality of capitalism on nature and human beings. This direct action seems inseparable from peace,jobs and freedom direct action by workers.
    The victims of genocide and capitalism's criminal abuse and neglect of the environment must be the focus of unity and direct action of the whole world's peoples.

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 12/27/2010 4:42pm (10 years ago)

  • Communist blather...Global Warming IS Nothing But A Scam!!!

    Posted by PeterK, 12/23/2010 12:12am (10 years ago)

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