December 2010

Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall

When the Iraqi army fell before invading US and British troops in 2003, the latter’s mission seemed to be accomplished.

White Paper with Africa on Economic Co-op Unveiled

Original source: Xinhua

Cancunhagen: Glass Three-Fourths Empty

Original source: People's Democracy (India)The climate summit in Copenhagen a year ago inspired many catchy nicknames starting with “hopenhagen” to portray early expectations that it would deliver a solution to the climate crisis, and later “nopenhagen” and the famous “flopenhagen” capturing its failure.

Climate Change: A Lesson for Cancun

Deception would be a less violent term to characterize the sessions of the recent international conference on climate change held in Cancun, Mexico where the planet´s environment is still a serious problem.

China: Stick to the path of peaceful development

Stick to the path of peaceful developmentOriginal source: China Daily

Japan Peace Conference calls for Asia Without Military Bases

Original source: Akahata (Japan)

North Korea’s Unlawful Acts

Original source: Akahata (Japan)

China Can Help Africa Escape Colonial Legacy

Original source:  Global Times

World Youth Festival: From Prague to Pretoria in Search of Dreams

Several generations of young people have participated for the last 63 years to festivals which have taken them from Prague to Pretoria, passing through Budapest, Berlin, Bucharest, Warsaw, Moscow, Vienna, Helsinki, Sofia and return to Berlin.