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One Year after the BP Disaster

One Year after the BP Disaster: Gulf Communities are Still in CrisisStunning Inaction by Congress after the Largest Environmental Disaster in American HistoryNew Orleans, LA – One year after the largest oil spill in American history, Big Oil continues to rake in record profits, Congress has still not acted to...

Obama admn. sends third bill to BP

WASHINGTON - The Obama Administration today sent a third bill for $51.4 million to BP and other responsible parties for response and recovery operations relating to the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

On BP aka British Petroleum aka the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

What goes around comes around, sometimes in odd ways, British Petroleum, the former Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, a global transnational energy corporation, has created an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico of unprecedented proportions.

Senate Blocks Republican Push for Big Oil Bailout

From SierraClub.orgSenate Rejects Big Oil BailoutNow Must Act to Spur Clean Energy, End Oil Dependence