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Jared Bernstein -- Bloice's Quote of the Day -- Nov 22, 2011

Quote of the Day November 21, 2011

Bernie Sanders is right

The passage of the "Debt Ceiling Bill"  marks a dangerous moment for the workers movement in this country.  As Vermont's Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders, has so clearly pointed out this "Debt Ceiling Compromise" is in fact, a sweeping victory for the wealthy, the largest Corporations and Banks and the ultra-right.

Broadly speaking: More on the "Satan Sandwich"

Coalition on Human Needs Statement: the Budget Control ActWashington, DC:  The Coalition on Human Needs released this statement by Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director:

It's criminal

After winning control of the House, Republicans forced what has proven to be a disastrous change in conversation from job creation to deficits.And they have held the need to raise the debt ceiling hostage to push their hard right agenda.

Another persepctive on Gang of Six

From the Center for Budget Policy Priorities:

[Update] Broadly speaking: "Gang of Six" Plan slashes Social Security

So everybody loves the "gang of six" suddenly.