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Robert Parry: Bloice's Quote of the Day

Quote of the DaySeptember 11, 2012'With most political observers predicting a closeelection in November, the neocons hope that theycan ride back into power in Washington behind aPresident Romney and then resume their role as hisforeign policy foremen, advising the inexperiencedRomney much as they did the novice Bush.'In making a choice for President, therefore, theAmerican voters must realize that they are electingnot just the people on the ballot but a cast ofadvisers who come along with the winners.

Iraq CP presses for full troop withdrawal

Regaining sovereignty and independence, and implementation of Iraq-US agreement

Protesters arrested in Baghdad

Urgent Call for the Release of Protesters Detained by Iraqi Security ForcesA number of protesters participating in the demonstration in Tahrir Square in Baghdad this morning, Friday 27th May 2011, have been detained by security men.

Iraqi Communists Accuse Government of Politically Motivated Backlash

Iraqi Communist Party:  Authorities’ request to vacate CP headquarters and newspaper offices is politically motivated

Wikileaks bombshell about Iraq wars I and II

Here is a summary from Veterans for Common Sense: