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Election 2012: Fog of right-wing lies is lifting

The most extreme voices in the Republican Party - who in fact control the GOP - have been quiet as church mice as Mitt Romney has migrated to more moderate positions on a range of issues in the closing weeks of his campaign for the presidency.

Ryan's "Tea Party budget" would destroy the country

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On Republican Budget Proposal Senate VoteMay 25, 2011

Poll: Anti-Obama attitudes among whites likely fueled by racial views

This one is for the birthers, the Tea Party advocates, and even for the rest of white America:

Michele Bachman and the Tea Party Caucus Targets Veterans

Check out this post from Veterans for Common Sense:

Irony and Hate Mail From Your Local Tea Party

In response to a recent blog post here (The Role of Hate in the 2010 Elections), here at PA we've gotten an interesting batch of what can only be described as hate mail – from both left and right.

The role of hate in the 2010 elections

Republicans put hate at the center of their campaign.

Time to close ranks behind this President

After last night's election results, it has become pretty clear what gobs of campaign cash from secret corporate donors will do to America's democratic process – thanks to a right-wing Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

Party of No/Party of Wall Street

The following item was recently posted at OurFuture.org.

"Tea Party" Politics: Something Old or Something New?

Many foreign observers across the political spectrum have long considered the U.S. to be the most media saturated society in the world.

Corporations hate Obama

A measure of who is going in the right direction....