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DREAM Act reintroduced in Congress

Here's a statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

Labor and immigration reform

Press Release: Statement by United Food and Commerical Workers International Union President Joseph Hansen in Response to President Obama's Immigration Reform AnnouncementTuesday, May 10, 2011

President Obama boldly moves on immigration reform

The following is a press statement from SEIU on President Obama's immigration reform speech today given in El Paso, Texas.

Government goes after company that abused "guest workers"

Statement by Saket Soni, Executive Director, New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice.

House Republicans tap anti-immigrant bigots to oversee immigration policy

Two Republican members of Congress who favor mass deportations of undocumented Latino immigrants and have frequently used dehumanizing langauge and negative images of Latinos to push anti-immigrant hysteria will now lead their party's efforts to round-up, detain and then deport some 11 million people and block reforms of the immigration system.

David Bacon on Federal Immigration Raids

I confess I have had a long-time allergy to David's writing on globalization and immigration, for which no doubt I should be criticized.

AZ Prison lobby colludes with GOP politicians on anti-immigrant law

Uncovered in Arizona: Private Prison Lobby Colludes with GOP Pols to Pass Anti-Immigration Law, Line Their Pockets

Where's Bill O'Reilly's Immigration Retraction?

From Fair.orgJune 4, 2010 Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has repeatedly cited one reason to support Arizona's harsh new anti-immigrant law: the state's exploding crime rate.

A Real Solution: Replace SB 1070 with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

PoliticalAffairs.netMobilized to overturn Arizona's anti-immigrant law (SB 1070), an amazing coalition of labor, civil rights organizations, students, recording artists, healthcare professionals, faith-based groups, professional athletes, Arizona elected officials, city governments around the country, and police groups want swift federal action.

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