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Largest LGBT Civil Rights Group Endorses Obama for Pres.

Human Rights Campaign Endorses President Barack Obama for Reelection

Poll: Anti-Obama attitudes among whites likely fueled by racial views

This one is for the birthers, the Tea Party advocates, and even for the rest of white America:

Taxing the Rich Makes Economic Sense

Even as President Obama addressed the nation today with a deficit-cutting plan, which included the call for cuts in defense spending and higher taxes on the rich, some wealthy Americans have joined a campaign to "tax wealth like work."

Pres. Obama Cautions Governors Against Villifying Public Workers or Trampling on their Rights

This statement made directly to U.S. governors is the second person statement by the President, and the latest among several by top administration officials, against the hostilities launched by Gov. Walker in Wisconsin:

Broadly speaking: President Obama drops defense of DOMA

Something else happened today while we were watching Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.

Jobs crisis, not a deficit crisis

Some will say the plan isn't bold enough.

Disorderly Transformation Required in Egypt

The Amazing Egyptian Revolution, Morning, 11 Feb. 2011, 'Day of Farewell'

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