First Impressions on the Debate which Just Ended


What a debate.   It is almost over.  But before th Pundits try to spin it, Bernie was the catalyst.  The called him a socialist and he said that democratic socialism means morality, fairness.   He talked of a political revolution, which means workers and the whole people voting out the reactionaries who represent th corporations and the rich.  He took on Wall directly.  And he didn't let  Anderson Cooper phase him. 


Bernie won the debate for the labor and the left and the people.  Hillary Clinton had some moments but they were mostly on generality.  And she did play the Gender card over and over again.  A progressive woman President would be a major breakthrough for the nation.  Elizabeth Warren is such a woman.  Hillary Clinton really isn't


These are my first responses.  Martin O'Malley was also very good, better than Hillary Clinton.  Webb was ridiculous, a cold warrior trying to revive the cold war against China.   


Bernie ended right now saying that it will be the millions of people standing up to the billionaires.  Without that, no one will be successful

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