Health reform benefits put in place last year

Republicans want to repeal the following benefits (see put in place by the health reform law:

For the patient who can afford insurance but has been denied because of a pre-existing condition:
What's New: People with pre-existing conditions can apply for a pre-existing condition plans run in all 50 states. Started July 1, 2010
What to Do: Here's the site where patients can apply.  Of note, they must have had no insurance for 6 months and have proof of having been denied coverage.  

For the small business that cannot afford health insurance:
What's New: 35% tax credit for small businesses and 25% tax credit for small non-profits that meet eligibility requirements -- started with fiscal year January 1, 2010
What to Do: See if your business qualifies

For any patient who is trying to get health insurance:
What's New: Everyone can go to a new website that gives information about current private and public health insurance pricing, eligibility, and provisions. Started July 1, 2010.
What to Do: Use the insurance finder tool

For young adults who do not yet have health insurance:
What's New: Young adults up to the age of 26 (even if they are married) can stay on their parents' insurance. Started Sept 23, 2010.
What to Do: Parents should check with their current insurers for open enrollment periods. 

For the 60-year-old who retired early and may lose their employer health benefits:
What's New: Businesses can apply for temporary federal subsidies to keep early retirees on health insurance.  Started June 1, 2010.
What to Do: 
Business owners should look into the details of the Early Retiree Reinsurance Plan   (Note: over 7000 businesses have received subsidies to date.)

For patients who have passed their lifetime limit on insurance coverage:
What's New: No more lifetime limits on new plans. Started Sept 23, 2010.
What to Do: Contact your insurance provider for more information. 

For children with pre-existing conditions who have been "uninsurable":
What's New: Children can no longer be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.  Started Sept 23, 2010.
What to Do: Parents can look for insurance options to apply for on the insurance finder.

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