People of Watsonville 4 – Migrant Education at Ohlone School

Migrant Education is a product of the civil rights and farm worker movements of the 1960s.

People of Watsonville 3 - Stopping the Death of our Children

The 17th annual memorial and march for young people in Watsonville, who have died as a result of violence in the Latino community.  Domiciano Ramirez, who lost his son, sits next to his wife Teresa, and his granddaughter Brenda.   Brenda Ramirez lost her uncle, Greg, when he was 26.  Margarita Renteria lost her son Servando when he was 16. Carolina Cervantes' son Ray was shot and killed when he was 21.  The memorial was organized by members of the Watsonville Brown Berets.

How the P'urhépechas Came to the Coachella Valley

Original source: New American Media

Managed Labor or Human Rights?

Original source: Truthout.org

Cuba and the United States Held New Round of Migration Talks in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 13 (acn) A new round of migration talks between Cuba and the United States was held on Wednesday in Havana.