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I got so excited that I didn't put my name in.  We should all be excited and energized by this debate

Norman Markowitz

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  • I was very impressed by Martin O'Malley. The part of the debate that focused on foreign policy was very telling. Clinton voter for the Iraq war, for the invasion of Lybia, for arming the rebels, & now wants a no fly zone that can only escalate conflict. Also, I am a Bernie supporter. But he has viability & electability issues. The most* revealing point came when O'Malley pushed for a new Glass Steigall to regulate banks and Sanders agreed but Clinton did not. I predict that O'Malley's strategy will be to come out on the Left of Hillary and steal some steam from Bernie. My favorite: Bernie. Who stood out at the debate and will get a bump in the polls: O'Malley

    Posted by t, 10/14/2015 1:04pm (5 years ago)

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