Cynicism and Generosity Toward Congress

In May of 2005 the Downing Street Memos came out, and some of us started a website and coalition called After Downing Street. And for many months we worked closely with Congressman John Conyers and many other Democrats in Congress, holding unofficial hearings, trying to pass resolutions of inquiry, and educating the public about impeachable offenses.

'Foil Attempts to Maintain an Open-ended Military Occupation,' says ICP

The 8th National Congress has acquired special significance in our party's life, coming after 31 years of holding its last congress in the capital Baghdad (the 3rd Congress in June 1976).


Iraq's Workers Strike to Keep Their Oil

The Bush administration has no love for unions anywhere, but in Iraq it has a special reason for hating them. They are the main opposition to the occupation's economic agenda, and the biggest obstacle to that agenda's centerpiece - the privatization of Iraq's oil.


Iraq: The Oil Strike and the Demand to End the Occupation

Bush administration officials have strongly pressured the Iraqi government to adopt the privatization law, with several top figures making surprise visits to Baghdad to do so.


War Opposition Made Easy

The new film 'War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death' makes arguing against wars easy. If you get into a debate about war, just make the points made so clearly in this film, or - better yet - convince a war supporter to watch the film.


Mitt Romney's Iraq War Revisionism Ignored by Media

At the Republican candidates' debate on June 5, White House contender Mitt Romney remarkably claimed that weapons inspectors were barred from entering Iraq before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.


Iraqi Unionists in Washington, D.C., to Protest U.S. Oil Drain from Iraq

The U.S.-backed government has proposed a new law in Iraq that would permit what the oil industry calls “production-sharing agreements” that could put 70 percent of the profits from oil sales in the hands of rich oil companies and leave the Iraqi people with little to run their country.


Iraqi Trade Unionist Denounces US Occupation of Iraq

In the United States they tell us a lot of strange stories. They told us about weapons of mass destruction, they told us about the attacks of September 11 in the United States in 2001 which Iraq had nothing to do with.


78,000 Iraqis Killed by Coalition Air Strikes

An estimated 78,000 Iraqis were killed by U.S. and Coalition air strikes from the start of the war through June of last year, an article in “The Nation” magazine says.


Was Iraq invaded to boost oil prices?

Saddam Hussein may have been deposed in order to limit Iraq’s oil production and thus keep world oil prices artificially high. This could be the real reason behind the invasion of Iraq by the Anglo-American forces and their allies.

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