Links Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer

A groundbreaking research study coordinated by the non-profit Silent Spring Institute and recently published by the American Cancer Society found that synthetic chemicals have likely played a large role in the rising incidence of breast cancer throughout the world over the last half-century.


War Foretold: Mark Twain and the Sins of Our Race

When I resorted to Mark Twain’s writings I attempted to escape, at least temporarily from my often distressing readings on war, politics and terror. But his “The Mysterious Stranger”, although published 1916, still left me with an eerie feel.


Aboriginal Nations will not disappear

Canadians are often surprised by the periodic renewal of visible indigenous resistance: the Oka summer of 1990, the Gustafsen Lake standoff in 1995, the Six Nations land reclamation at Caledonia.


Heady Times Or Crazy Times?

Nicolas Burns, US Under Secretary for Political Affairs in a recent article titled “Why these are heady times for India and the Unites States” in the Washington Post, lists out the strategic benefits for the two countries in the ‘heady times’ ahead.


OAS Secretary General Assures Venezuelan Democracy is Not Threatened

Democracy is not being threatened in Venezuela according to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza yesterday at a press conference in Uruguay.


Federal Minimum Wage Increase Tied to Iraq Funding

US Congress passed a $120 billion emergency Iraq spending bill May 24, 2007, that included an increase in the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25. President Bush signed it into law May 25, 2007, ending a standoff over the wage issue.


Violence of the Master, Violence of the Slave

For some reason, the phrase 'violence begets violence' was popularized the world over at the same time that its implicit meaning was kept restricted to the violence of the oppressed.

Bush's Search for Affection

Albania was really the only place where Bush got any affection; to such an extent that the reception in Bulgaria where several thousand people awaited him waving little American flags seemed cool to him.


Lieberman, Iraq and Iran

It is with increasing frustration that one notes the U.S. government making the same mistakes over and over again. Now we hear from Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Ind., CT) that America must consider attacking Iran.


The Supreme Court vs. Health Care Workers

The Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 this week that home health care workers aren't entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, a significant blow to low wage workers generally.

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