Movie Review: Sicko, directed by Michael Moore

Delivering his characteristic dark humor and insightful analysis, Michael Moore's latest documentary film Sicko is a searing indictment of the for-profit, insurance-driven health care system.


Japan: U.S. Demands 100 New Facilities at Iwakuni Base

Taking advantage of the Japan-U.S. agreement that Japan will pay for U.S. military realignment costs, the U.S. forces want to have Japan construct as many new facilities as possible.


Of Kings and Arrogance

Before the United States of America even existed, the people living in this land were oppressed by the rule of a dictator across an ocean who cared not a whit about their desires or opinions.


The Position of the Sudanese Communist Party on the Darfur Peace Agreement, Part 2

On May 5, 2006, in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, the government of Sudan and the Sudan Liberation Movement (Mani Arko Manawi’s faction) signed the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA), also known as the Abuja Agreement.


The Repressed History of the United States: Revolution, Egalitarianism and Anti-imperialism

Taking advantage of another anniversary of the birth of George Washington, president George W. Bush used the occasion to compare the American Revolution of the 18th century with the war in Iraq.


Russell, Rousseau, and Rationality: A Marxist Critique

I propose to show that Russell's interpretation of Rousseau in The History of Western Philosophy (HWP), is both unfair and inaccurate and misrepresents Rousseau's historical legacy.


What Do the Cheney Controversy and Other Bush Scandals Really Mean?

The Bush administration and its appointees and Congress are in conflict, in a struggle for power. Although personality and partisanship are important elements of this power struggle, viewing this situation as an internal conflict in the US ruling class is also helpful in clearing up some of the muddiness.


US Social Forum Day One: Thousands March in Downtown Atlanta

Thousands of progressive activists from around the US and the World marched through Downtown Atlanta on the first day of the US Social Forum.


Hawaiian Activists Fight US Military Bases

Two Hawaiian land rights activists visited Sydney in June and spoke to The Guardian about their struggles against US militarization of Hawaii and their support for protests against the Talisman Sabre war games in Shoalwater Bay, Queensland.


The European Union has No Moral Authority to Criticize Cuba

The document, released by the European Union under the title 'Conclusions on Cuba,' contains a proposal for 'a comprehensive and open political dialogue with the Cuban authorities on the basis of reciprocity and mutual interest.'

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