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On the March jobs report...

From AFL-CIO Pres.

Republican budget cuts would kill jobs, slow recovery

New economic analysis reveals that a projected GDP growth of between 3 and 4 percent could be cut in half if the budget cuts voted in by House Republicans are allowed to pass into law.

Broadly speaking: Little known facts about the economic recovery

Here are a couple of points that deserve some attention.

AFL-CIO response to unemployment numbers

It is certainly good news that the unemployment rate dropped for the second consecutive month to 9%, but the current level of job growth is nowhere near sufficient to sustain robust economic growth and put back to work the millions of American workers whose lives have been put on hold.

Labor Department recovers nearly $160,000 in back wages for 110 Los Angeles garment workers

Employees produced jeans sold at major nationwide retailersLOS ANGELES — Clothing manufacturer Joe's Jeans has paid $158,952 in back wages owed to 110 garment workers who worked for one of the company's Los Angeles-based sewing contractors.

Right-wing deficit proposals are job killers

Neither the Republican's nor the deficit commission's respective budget plans do enough to create jobs or promote economic recovery said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka this week.

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