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Trumka demands quick action jobs legislation

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on June Jobs ReportJuly 02, 2010

The Winds of Change

BlueGreen Alliance, American Wind Energy Association, and USW Provide “Manufacturing Blueprint” to Build Out Domestic Wind Energy Supply Chain and Create U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Unemployment nearing Great Depression levels for African Americans and Latinos

Below are the findings of a new report compiled by the Economic Policy Institute of the impact of the recession on 50 major U.S. cities:

Pass the Local Jobs for America Act

14.6 million U.S. workers unemployed.

Why do we need the capitalists at all?

From the essay "America Beyond Capitalism:A Socialist Stew Prepared for Liberals and Conservatives "by Bertell Ollman Gar Alperovitz's book, America Beyond Capitalism (2004), is of great importance to socialists, despite his casual dismissal of socialism, his equally off-hand use of the Soviet Union to represent the dangers of socialist planning, and his unwillingness to traffic in such stock socialist categories as "capital accumulation," "class," "class interests," "class consciousness," and "class struggle." So, what gives? One of Marx's greatest achievements in Capital was to show that capitalists, understood as the owners of the means of production, do not make a necessary "material" contribution to the production of wealth, and, therefore, that production can go on without them.

Special Convention Discussion: Mexican American Equality

Reposted from the CPUSA convention discussion:

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