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Bernie Sanders is right

The passage of the "Debt Ceiling Bill"  marks a dangerous moment for the workers movement in this country.  As Vermont's Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders, has so clearly pointed out this "Debt Ceiling Compromise" is in fact, a sweeping victory for the wealthy, the largest Corporations and Banks and the ultra-right.

Another persepctive on Gang of Six

From the Center for Budget Policy Priorities:

A Bad Budget Deal for the People

President Obama has struck a deal with the Republicans that is reminiscent of the policies associated with George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, that is, to reduce public spending in major areas while in a less direct way, taxation.

Republicans want to pay for rich tax cuts on the backs of working families

Coalition on Human Needs released the following data on the human impact of the House Republicans' budget proposal.

Jobs crisis, not a deficit crisis

Some will say the plan isn't bold enough.

Update on deficit commission – chairs' report falls

Good news from labor-affiliated Alliance for Retired Americans:

Real deal on fixing Social Security

Everyone knows that every private corporation in America would love to be able to predict that over the next 40 years they will remain financially solvent.

Report of the Citizens’ Commission on Jobs, Deficits and America’s Economic Future Released

Yesterday Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winning economist, led a panel explaining a progressive alternative to the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan proposed by the center-right forces leading the president's deficit reduction commission.

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