Republicans want to pay for rich tax cuts on the backs of working families

Coalition on Human Needs released the following data on the human impact of the House Republicans' budget proposal. Simply put, to pay for tax cuts for the rich, this is what they would like to happen to everyone else:

  • 218,000 young children would not be able to receive Head Start services
  • 10,000 people with long-term disabilities would lose their current rental assistance; most will be forced out of their homes
  • 11 million patients would lose health care they've received at Community Health Centers (for more than 3 million, the loss of health care would be almost immediate)
  • 20 million people, including 5 million children, 2.3 million seniors and 1.7 million people with disabilities, would lose some or all of the anti-poverty help now provided by community action agencies
  • 9.4 million low-income college students would lose some or all of their Pell Grants
  • 8 million adults and youth would lose access to job training and other employment services
  • 81,000 low-income people, mostly seniors, would no longer receive supplemental food packages
  • 1.2 million poor households in public housing will see their rental units deteriorate further because of cuts to maintenance and repairs; some units will no longer be habitable.

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