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Lenin on State and Revolution: Replacing the Bourgeois State by Thomas Riggins

Lenin on the Paris Commune (1871): Chapter 3 Parts 2-5

Lenin on Class Society and the State by Thomas Riggins

State and Revolution Chapter One "Class Society and the State".

Marxism is Real Naturalism by Thomas Riggins

Sartre once remarked that the attempt to construct a philosophy that goes beyond Marxism simply recreates a pre-Marxist view that is no longer relevant to current understanding.

Marx and the Muslim Brothers by Thomas Riggins

How should one respond to the claim, made by Sheri Berman a political science professor at Barnard College, that Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are "Marx's contemporary successors"? [Oped- New York Times 8-10-13: "Marx's Lesson for the Muslim Brothers"]

Marxism, the Taliban and Plato by Thomas Riggins

Recently Simon Blackburn, the well known British philosopher, reviewed "Knowing Right from Wrong," the new book by Kieran Setiya, in the TLS ["Taliban and Plato" TLS July 19, 2013].

'There are Marxists in India?'

Economist Prabhat Patnaik says moving back to an economic 'golden age' is impossible, so we must invent new solutions.

Imaginary debate over Keynes and Marx

First speaker:  Keynes has an under-consumption theory of unemployment (to relate the classic Marxist under-consumption vs overproduction debate on crises).Second speaker:American Marxists have in their majority plumped for good ol' Keynesian pump-priming as a solution to the unemployment problem.

You Can't Separate Marx and Lenin

In what was  on the whole a very fine article on  what Communist parties and Communists should do to adjust to 21st century realities, Sam Webb suggested that we should begin to call ourselves Marxists as against Marxist-Leninists.  Others(not Sam) have suggested that the word Communist itself be removed from...

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