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A Rant From the Christian Left

In 1968 my UAW local (Local 122, Chrysler Stamping Plant, Twinsburg, OH) broke ranks with the national union and voted to endorse Robert Kennedy instead of Hubert Humphrey.

More on Marxism and science

In a recent article I argued for being skeptical about equating Marxism with science.

Next stop on the Red School Bus Tour: New Haven

Crossposted from PeoplesWorld.org:

Stalin, Murder and Unity

Lenin's leadership team was amazingly diverse.

Germany, Stalin and the Rise of Hitler

From the siege of Moscow to the end of World War Two, Stalin was one of the greatest military leaders in history.

How Stalin distorted Marxism

On May Day 1932, the Communist Party USA released "Toward Soviet America," penned by William Z. Foster who was at that time the Communist candidate for President of the U.S.

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