Giant Backbone to be Delivered to Congress for Peace & Accountability


1-26-07, 8:41 am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Backbone Campaign January 25, 2007, 9:00  PM CONTACT: Bill Moyer, Executive Director (206) 356-9980, Diane Wittner, Backbone Patrol Lead  (410) 245-3637 Giant Backbone to be Delivered to Congress for Peace & Accountability

Seattle, WA/Washington, DC – While Washington DC’s January weather isn’t typically the kind that would encourage out-of-town visitors to head to the country’s capitol, thousands of Americans will be doing just that this coming weekend. Their message? Stop the war. Actually the puppet will read: 'Fund Operation Homecoming' on one side and 'Indict-Impeach-Imprison' on the other in giant letters, so not to be missed by the cameras.'

“Our sincere hope is that the new Congress has enough spine to stand up for the American people's mandate to get out of Iraq and stay out of Iran.  We want them to find the backbone for an “Operation Homecoming” to end the occupation of Iraq and investigate and hold accountable those who squandered so much life, national treasure, and moral credibility getting us there,” said Amy Morrison, managing director of the non-profit Backbone Campaign. “Just in case they need a reminder of what a backbone looks like, we're bringing ours.”

Based in Seattle, WA, the politically progressive but non-partisan organization actually is bringing a backbone to the Saturday, January 27 political rally March On Washington – a 70-foot long, parade float-style backbone carried by ten of the organization’s members – with the intent of driving home to Congress the need to stop the war before more dollars are spent and more lives – American and Iraqi – are lost.

Leading the organization’s march will be the Bush & Co. Chain Gang, the oversized, prison stripe-wearing “human puppets” made famous the world over by photojournalists who’ve captured the caricatures of George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove as symbols of the dissatisfaction that’s grown within the American public for the current administration’s unwillingness to end the war in Iraq, and the manipulations used to justify it.

Starting at Washington DC’s National Mall, the March On Washington will begin at approximately 1 pm on Saturday, January 27. Organized by the advocacy group United for Peace & Justice and with the coordinated efforts of hundreds of organizations including the Backbone Campaign, the National Organization for Women, Working Assets,, True Majority, the RainbowPUSH Coalition and hundreds of other national and local groups, the anti-war demonstration is expected to draw thousands of participants from all walks of life and every corner of the country.

Aside from human voices and additional marchers, the Backbone Campaign brings to the March On Washington protest the sense of humor that the organization has become famous for; besides the rallying cry of “Got Spine?” that’s become a familiar chant in parades and marches all over the country, the organization created the “thank and spank” accountability tools – including both “Spineless Citations” and “Backbone Awards” - for politicians and civic leaders whose work is worthy of notice and, one way or the other, public citation. A “Backbone Patrol” in bobby hats and badges will deliver citations through the halls of Congress on Monday the 29th.

“With our participation in the March On Washington, we hope to send a message, loud and clear, that we hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions and accountable to us, the American public,” explains Morrison. “For us, the backbone symbolizes an interlocking agenda, a coalition, and the personal courage necessary to fight for a future worthy of our children. This war has already taken its toll from that future, it’s past time to bring it to an end.”

P.S. MarchForth! is not merely a play on words, March 4th, 1789 is the day the Constitution went into effect.  Today it is a call to action to reclaim an aspirational vision for the country.   Check out the first annual effort to claim a day for 'We th People' to dialogue, celebrate and take action for a more perfect Union.  Visit to learn about this effort or to host or attend an event near you.

From Backbone Campaign