July 2010

Engels on the Subject Matter and Method of Political Economy and the Coming Revolution

What is the subject matter and method of political economy according to Engels? First, though, what is political economy? Today we tend to teach economics as a special discipline and political science as another separate subject.

The Politics of Avatar

Original source: The Guardian (Australia) Now that the dust has settled and Avatar has been released on DVD and the Gee-Whizz of 3-D has abated and most people have seen the film, it is time to take stock of the highest grossing movie of all time and assess its true political impact.

Capitalism is About Profit, Not Saving Fingers

Original source: Diary of a Heartland Radical I have been thinking a whole lot about the virtual destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, the rich animal life that once lived there, and the lost jobs of perhaps millions of those who fish, work in the tourist sector, or somehow depend on the resources of the Gulf Coast for their livelihood.

Why the Politics of Either/or is Superior to Advocating for Reform

Today we live under the painful and oppressive yoke of capitalism's restoration to unchallenged power.