President Obama Pledges No Troops in Libya

In a televised address this week, President Obama defended US intervention in Libya and promised to hand over leadership of the "No Fly Zone" and Libyan humanitarian efforts to NATO by Wednesday.

Can We Afford to Bomb Libya?

We can afford to bomb Libya, but we can't afford employment or income for millions of Americans.

One More War and Another Collective Silence

I assume that to some, I dare say, to the majority of Western citizens, it must be a relief to see that ‘our’ force for good has not lost its momentum – that humanitarian benevolence which characterizes the self-portrait we paint of our societies as we ponder on our own exceptionalism, our magnanimity.

Libya, Atoms, and a State Election

This report was supposed to concentrate on results of the vote in Saxony-Anhalt, the second in a long string of German state elections in 2011.

Libya: Anti-intervention voices must be heard

Original source: Global Times  (China)

A Neoconservative ‘Shock and Awe’: The Rise of the Arabs

A pervading sense of awe seems to be engulfing Arab societies everywhere.

Middle East: "Progressive change is possible"

Final Statement Issued by the Exceptional Meeting of the Arab Left Forum