Terror threat on 10yr anniversary of 9/11 goes unheeded

10 years after 9/11, the working class has much, much bigger things to worry about than a international terror threat.

Sorry I have been away so long, my faithful followers. I've been down and out lately. But the President's speech on Thursday got me thinking. Well, that and the terror watch that was issued about a "nonspecific threat" from a "credible source". It really got me thinking about how afraid I was. Well, maybe afraid isn't the right word. More like stressed. But not by the alert, rather the fact that I am struggling to make ends meet. That along with being among the 16% real unemployed and the 50 million uninsured, honestly I have too much to worry about to be worried about a non-specific threat. 


I would dare to say that even those with the luxury of worry outside their own home might not be scared. It seems that not much comes of these terror watches, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I know. But by crying wolf every time you THINK something might happen, when nothing does, isn't helping the situation any. And if we keep jumping at our shadows, we probably will never have a terrorist attack. Why bother when we are already so scared that we have to strip our children naked just to go home for the holidays? Our government already tells the world how frightened they are. And I have to say "they" because the majority of the working class isn't. 


Because we have bigger things to worry about. Domestic terrorists trying to take our money and our homes... 

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